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вторник, 31 декабря 2013 г.

Ready! Present! Fire! (RPF!) new rules for the wargaming SYW

The game system was created as a system for gaming battles of the mid-18th century, and first of all Seven Years War.

The main emphasis for us were:

- realistic command structure (we attempt to realize the chain of command and factors affecting on its interrupt)

- realistic  shooting system (we repeatedly simplified system down, from hardcore mathematical model (Initially it was percent based D20 system) to easy and fast system based on the use of D6 as the basic dice - we used statistics date of shooting in late 18th century by Daffy and Nafziger)

- very important for us was a Morale system (influence of the external and internal factors during combat on units: stress, fatigue, support and so on)

External and internal factors affecting the unit during the combat we presented as Points of Disorganization (DP), which completely replace the concept of the current state of a unit – more DP – less Organisation and lower efficiency.

The Orders system created as the most friendly for players: with minimum number of restrictions, however, allows to obtain a very realistic picture of the battlefield.

The scale - 1 figurine is 20 soldiers or 20 cavalrymen, 1 model of a cannon is 2 cannons, 1 mm is 1 meter, the system was created for the games about 40-50 units from each side that allows you to play most of the Seven Years War battles.

Rules will  be done in Russian at spring 2014 and will be translated into English in the autumn-winter 2014

With Best wishes,
Vasiliy Levashov
Sergei Diment

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