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вторник, 15 октября 2013 г.

Back to the FoW. Again.

It would be a very interesting local FoW tournament "Axis VS Ally" - 1350 pts
But first of all - I'll see so many my old friends from Moscow.

My first question was "maybe without miniatures?" hehe
So, I decided to use:

Panzergreandier Company

HQ with panzernacker
Three PG platoons (SMG + panzernacker)
Infantry Guns Platoon (2 x LeIG)
Heavy Weapons Platoon (4 x MG, 2 x mortars)
Antitank guns Platoon (3 x Pak38)
Mobile AA-Guns Platoon (2 x 2 cm unarmoured halftrucks)

And Platoon of the GePanzertgrenadiers (with SMG and panzernacker)

1330 points

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