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воскресенье, 29 ноября 2015 г.

Imperial Rome

Все же очень хочется попробовать реанимировать старый проект по мотивам Dux Britanniarum от TFL, только в условиях модификации предложенной Saxon Dog:

The rules don’t need much changing for the period, I just added a few tweaks:

1)     The Roman Legionaries are the only elite troops on the table. They are in groups of 6 figures, but can form up with other groups to a max of 18 figures.

2)      The Roman Legionaries are allowed a free pilum throw before charging the enemy, regardless if they had the strong arm card or not. (The Romans can only throw the Pilum if formed). Each figure rolls a D6, a 6 is a kill and a 5 inflicts a shock point. The combat is then fought as per the main rules. Shieldwall can be claimed if formed.

3)      The Roman Auxiliary are classed as warriors with Long Spear.

4)      The Roman Big men are… a Status 3 (Marcus) in charge of two groups of 6 legionaries. A Status 2 in charge of two groups of Auxiliary and a Status 1 in the fort leading 4 archers and 6 legionaries.

5)      The Roman Legionaries can use an activation point to test to form Testudo, needing 5 + on a d6. If the Romans form Testudo then they move on one d6. They fight the first round of combat as in hard cover. ( Tough bastards the Romans you know)!

6)      The Celts are in groups of 8 figures classed as warriors. There are 8 of these groups on the table. The should be a lower class than the Romans but outnumber them.

7)      The druids in the two chariots move at d6 +2 inches per dice but can only throw missiles. The can only charge an enemy who is not formed.

8)      The Celts have a Status 3 Big Man chieftain and 4 other Status 2 leaders. The chieftain has a bodyguard who has two combat dice and two lives. If the Chieftain is Chariot mounted then the body guard must be too!

Pat designed a set of cards suitably Imperial Roman looking and the game was ready to play. The card are attached as a free PDF download with permission from Richard Clarke who wrote Dux Britanniarum and publishes them through TwoFatLardies

I just used the main core elements of the rules without the pre-game elements. Each force starts on a Force Morale of 9. 

The final change I made is when two formations engage with each other, everyone fights! If 6 celt warriors are daft enough to charge 12 elite Roman Legionaries then they deserve to die! If the Romans charge 24 celts in the open unformed then they will learn the hard way!


Изначально, хотели нечто похожее на кампанию в условной Британии, где есть отдалённый римский форт, окруженный агрессивной фауной в лице бриттов и прочих варваров.
Фигурки мне подкинул дядя Вася, фигурки отличные (собственно вот они).
Вот, такие дела... нужно потыркать палочкой Никиту Данте.


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